Media Reaction to New Mozilla Roadmap Proposal

Thursday April 3rd, 2003

Apart from MozillaZine, Slashdot was the first news outlet to report on Mozilla's new Roadmap proposal. The story was also covered by several other sites, including OSNews,, and The Mac Observer. Paul Festa of CNET felt the need bring up the Safari/KHTML "snub" again but did go to the trouble of getting some quotes. The Register got confused and reported that XUL is going away, while BetaNews also mixed up some details about XUL and its relationship to XPFE (for the lowdown, read Boris Zbarsky's and Jason Kersey's messages). Internet Week's article was generally fine except that it reported that Mozilla is currently based on the Netscape codebase. Meanwhile, InternetNews decided that Mozilla has been "plagued with conflicting hacker troubles," a claim repeated by the more mainstream Sydney Morning Herald (or The Age if you prefer Melbourne).

#6 Why does the media mis-report ?

by gangz

Friday April 4th, 2003 7:19 AM

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Why is the media hell bent on misinforming people. If they want a scintillating news there is nothing wrong in it, they can create a scintillating news, by giving the *right* news, not the wrong one. Especially someone like internet news reporting that the mozilla source is from netscape. Agreed this was what the beginning of mozilla, but not now , please. I think the media should also give a little credit to the amount of work going into a project of this scale. Given the penetration of IE and windows in general, people tend to underplay the beauty and importance of a cross platform browser. I think we all agree that moz has its share of problems, but showing them in the wrong light hurts the project.