Most People Agree: Phallus is a Really Bad Name for a Browser

Thursday April 3rd, 2003

For our last poll, we gave you a selection of the more, er, interesting suggestions for Phoenix's new name and asked you to pick the worse. 3,436 of you rose to the challenge, with Phallus coming first with 27% of the vote. Clint Eastwood was next with 18%, followed by Surfzilla on 12%. Cthulhu and MozJunior both received a 9% vote share, while Feenix and the insect-related Lepidoptera both got 6%. Last place was practically an honour in this contest and was hotly fought-over by Dodo, Fred and Duck (all 3%), with Duck just gaining the coveted spot. Phoenix's real new name will be announced soon.

Yesterday was a major day in the history of the Mozilla project with the unveiling of the new Roadmap. All large changes have their supporters and opposers, so we'd like you to tell us where you stand on the proposals. Make your decision, vote and watch the latest poll results to see what others think.

#14 What's wrong with Phoenix anyway?

by zorinlynx

Sunday April 6th, 2003 10:45 AM

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As far as I know, Phoenix the company makes BIOSes, and Mozilla's Phoenix is a web browser. How do they two compete in any shape or form?

Last I heard, trademarks on common words can only be enforced if the two entities that use the word are in the same business. Mozilla and Phoenix Technologies clearly aren't.