Bug 200000 Filed in Bugzilla

Monday March 31st, 2003

At 13:11 Pacific Time today, the 200,000th bug report was filed in's Bugzilla database. Bug 200000, reported by Chris Hofmann, represents another milestone in the Mozilla project and was coincidentally filed on the fifth anniversary of the release of the source code. Note that just because there are 200,000 bugs in the database, it does not mean that there are 200,000 bugs in Mozilla. Bug reports are used for everything from major crashes to spelling mistakes in alerts. Not all bug reports are for real bugs either: Bugzilla is also used for such varied purposes as feature requests and tracking the creation of new CVS accounts. In addition, bug reports don't go away when they are fixed and around half of all new bugs filed are either duplicates of existing reports or otherwise invalid.

Update! The 200,000 Bug Sweepstake winner is, who was 10 hours and 50 minutes out. He wins a Mozilla 1.0 CD. Read Gerv's message for more results.

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Tuesday April 1st, 2003 6:15 AM

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the number of bug reports depends more on the number of users than on anything else, really...