NTLM Authentication Available on Windows via SSPI

Monday March 31st, 2003

dave writes: "A patch for bug 159015 has recently landed. It adds NTLM authentication to Mozilla on Windows — very much needed by people using Mozilla to access corporate intranets. I think it deserves some publicity as it is a long awaited RFE and needs testing. Unfortunately this is Windows only." The reason it's Windows only is because the implementation uses Windows' own SSPI API.

#4 SSPI?

by SomeGuy

Monday March 31st, 2003 4:49 PM

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Please tell me I am wrong, but isn't SSPI (Winsspi.dll I assume) actually part of Microsoft Internet Explorer? This DLL does not appear to be with the original Windows 95 and seems to get installed when installing IE. Looking around it does also seem to get installed with Office 97 along with wininet.dll and a few other IE 3.0 DLLS although the entire IE browser is not installed. Perhaps a better question is is this DLL redistributeable without IE since it is not included with Windows 95? Not that I am really concerned about Windows 95, I am just wondering.

A cross platform version is absolutely still needed. But at least using this DLL should ensure that if MS changes NTLM that Mozilla for Windows would still be able to work. I would imagine that a cross platform version might not be able to use the current NT login session like IE does (no prompting for a proxy password) Does Mozilla with this SSPI implementation do that? At any rate I do see the need for both.