Five Years Ago Today: Netscape Source Code Released

Sunday March 30th, 2003

On this day in 1998, Netscape made good on its historic announcement to release the Communicator source code. At 10:00am Pacific Time, an early development snapshot of Netscape Communicator 5.0 — which included Navigator and Composer but not Messenger — was posted to, together with a note thanking those who had made it happen. Netscape also published a document describing how the open source development process would work after the code release. Contemporary news coverage came from sites such as CNET, whose article featured quotes from both Netscape and Microsoft, and Wired News, who filed reports both shortly before the release and on the day after.

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by vgendler

Monday March 31st, 2003 10:04 AM

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No bad feelings. "... as long as gets bundled with the world's most used OS" - It happened one time in the past with Netscape. Other examples are NetMeeting is bundled with Windows and the Windows installation program has no option to not install it but people still prefer AOL or ICQ, TextPad is always in Windows but such editors as Ultraedit, TextPad to name a few have good market share.