Battle of the Mac OS X Browsers: Camino and Safari

Sunday March 30th, 2003

The O'Reilly Network has an article comparing Camino and Safari. The versions reviewed are Camino 0.7 and a pre-tabs build of Safari. We found out about this report from MacSlash, where you'll find many comments about the comparison.

#3 It's a wonderful day in the IBM PC neighborhood ..

by DeepFreeze3

Monday March 31st, 2003 9:30 AM

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Facts are facts, dude. Whether you want to accept them or not, that's up to you. Reality, not fantasy, is where it's at. Tabbed browsing ain't in Safari. It is in Camino. Not that I care. I'm a happy IBM PC user who thinks it intersting that some still can't make up their mind as to whether they want to live in "the dark ages" of computer history or not. Now if only Stevie will chop those Donald Trump-like prices so that common, hard working folk like me can get it!! Oh, that's right!! It'll never happen!! Greed's a bitch, ain't it? But if that lottery ticket comes through, then ... ;-)

PS: Feel free to post one of those "I'm a troll" messages after this one. Funny, how they always pop up whenever I respond to one of you people. Odd little buggers, you are. ;-)