Windows Build of Minotaur Available on

Sunday March 30th, 2003

DJGM writes: "The first fully compiled Minotaur binary is now available on Mozilla's FTP servers. For those that haven't already seen it, this build can be downloaded from So far, there's only a build for Windows, but I'm sure builds for other OSes will follow pretty soon. It appears to be based upon the Moz1.3b builds numbered 20030313, and has the identifier 'Minotaur/0.1a' on the end of its user agent string. It uses the old Netscape 4.x style Classic theme, and so far I haven't been able to get it to change to the Modern theme. Mind you, this is only a very early build, so I'm sure that theme switching will be fully implemented in the near future. Anyway, if you wanna try it, the URL's there, so go grab a copy!"

#15 Re: What is the point for Minotaur

by Ascaris <>

Monday March 31st, 2003 8:20 AM

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One nice thing about having MailNews in a separate app would be that when Biff fails to connect to my mail server, and with the raiseonsetfocus pref set (assuming it still works on Minotaur), the annoying alert message that pops up will not steal focus from the browser. This drives me nuts... I have Biff set to get my mail every two minutes, but unfortunately, it fails about 25% of the time. I wish that there was a way to have Biff fail silently... I found a pref mail.biff.show_alert, but it does not suppress alerts when I set it to false.