Part Two of DevEdge Interview with Mike Davidson of ESPN

Friday March 28th, 2003

Doron Rosenberg wrote in to tell us that Netscape DevEdge have published the second part of their interview with ESPN's Mike Davidson. This final segment covers the more technical details of ESPN's standards-based redesign. Last week's first part is also still available.

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by jesse <>

Saturday March 29th, 2003 5:20 AM

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"Since our front page is always roughly the same length, we don't need to worry about any of our columns creeping down into the footer."

Text zoom.

"Sometimes we dynamically open divs and other tags with document.write and the validator can't figure out why we're closing a tag which appears not to be open."

Simple fix: close the div with a script. HTML should be valid both before and after document.writing, for the simple reason that some users have scripts turned off.

"Our ad server requires us to send ampersand-delimited variables to it which are not URL-encoded and the validator treats any ampersands in your code as invalid."

No, the validator treats ampersands in link hrefs as HTML entities (not to be confused with URL-encoding). The validator only complains because what follows the ampersand is not a recognized entity. If it was a recognized entity, browsers would replace the entity by the character it represents before requesting the URL from the ad server.

There's an easy fix, which is to replace each ampersand in a link href with ampersand amp;. The same URL will be requested from the ad server, and the ESPN front page will be closer to validating.