Part Two of DevEdge Interview with Mike Davidson of ESPN

Friday March 28th, 2003

Doron Rosenberg wrote in to tell us that Netscape DevEdge have published the second part of their interview with ESPN's Mike Davidson. This final segment covers the more technical details of ESPN's standards-based redesign. Last week's first part is also still available.

#11 some details

by jilles

Sunday March 30th, 2003 2:28 AM

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Floats alone didn't solve my problem. So I had to use some relative and absolute positioning as well. The banner just sits in the flow with a display:block to cover the full width. The middle column sits below with margings-left and right set to get some space for the columns on the side. This is all necessary to allow the statusbar to diplay below all that (with a simple clear:both). The left column is positioned absolute in the left margin of the middle column. There is no right column. Instead I use that space to display inline sideboxes from the middle column.

I use relative positioning to display various other elements. Take a look at <>