Part Two of DevEdge Interview with Mike Davidson of ESPN

Friday March 28th, 2003

Doron Rosenberg wrote in to tell us that Netscape DevEdge have published the second part of their interview with ESPN's Mike Davidson. This final segment covers the more technical details of ESPN's standards-based redesign. Last week's first part is also still available.

#10 Re: css positioning indeed sucks

by Sander

Saturday March 29th, 2003 4:33 PM

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I think your problem was that you started using positioning. And then you get into all that crap with z-index and whatnot. I of course don't know exactly what you were doing, but from what you describe I think I'd have no problems whatsoever creating it using nothing but floats and some margins (unless the "something on top of something else" is what's _really_ required of course, rather than that "banner, three columns, and status bar").