Bookmarks Branch Landing Offers Many Improvements

Wednesday March 26th, 2003

Users of recent Mozilla nightly builds have been benefiting from the major architectural changes that have been made to Mozilla's bookmarks code (bug 196756). These improvements were made on a branch which landed on the trunk late on Monday night. Several longstanding issues have been fixed, including the lack of a root level folder (bug 36339) and the inability to have two differently named bookmarks pointing at the same location (bug 51683). Site icons in the Bookmark Manager and Bookmarks Sidebar tab are back (bug 113574) and columns in the Bookmark Manager now display the correct data (bug 124819). Separators are also working much better, no longer taking up the entire width of the Bookmark Manager (bug 121249) and even supporting optional labels (bug 121053).

Note however that the landing of the bookmarks branch has caused several regressions in Phoenix (bug 199328).

#4 Re: What abotu NS 7.02?

by AlexBishop <>

Thursday March 27th, 2003 2:02 AM

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"Do these fixes apply to Netscape 7.02?"

As Netscape 7.02 isn't open-source, you wouldn't be able to implement the fixes yourself. I suppose you could try applying them to Mozilla 1.02, upon which Netscape 7.02 is based.

"If they do, how would one go about implementing them?"

If you were implementing the fixes on the 1.0 branch you would apply the patches and compile. And hope it all works, as they were designed for the trunk.

"I'll bet that the powers that be will take their sweet time putting this stuff in there"

I don't think the powers that be (or anyone else for that matter) are planning to apply the fixes to the 1.0 branch.

"it'd be great if one could have a way to put it in there ourselves."

Wait for the next Netscape version, which will probably be trunk-based.