Smooth Scrolling Now Available in Mozilla Nightly Builds

Tuesday March 25th, 2003

Thanks to the fix for bug 174049, the latest Mozilla nightly builds now support IE-style smooth scrolling. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, use about:config to add the boolean preference general.smoothScroll with a value of true. To disable smooth scrolling, simply set the value of the pref to false. If you're not sure how to modify hidden preferences using about:config then you'll want our handy new guide, How To Modify Hidden Preferences Using about:config.

#44 Re: feedback

by itsayellow

Thursday April 3rd, 2003 5:25 PM

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I like the idea of smooth scrolling. Page up and page down look really nice. I just have one request to make it work a little better:

I like to hold down up-arrow or down-arrow to fine-scroll through a page. The smooth scrolling behavior on my win2k pc / moz1.4a seems to be a little strange when I do this. While I hold down the arrow key, scrolling seems really sluggish. But if I let up on the arrow key after holding it down for a while the page scrolls fast for a split second afterward.

What I'd like to see is smooth scroll start up scrolling smoothly, but then scroll at the normal speed while my finger is down on the arrow. Then slow down to a stop as quickly as possible once I let up on the arrow key. The fast scroll after letting up on the arrow key is a little disconcerting.