Trunk Freezes for 1.4 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday March 25th, 2003

To prepare for the impending 1.4 Alpha release, the main Mozilla development tree will freeze at 11:59pm tonight (Pacific Standard Time). While the trunk is frozen, only checkins that have been approved by will be allowed to land. The tree will be reopened when Mozilla 1.4 Alpha is released (the current ideal release date is this Friday). See tinderbox and the Mozilla Development Roadmap for more information.

#7 Re: This friday?

by asa <>

Tuesday March 25th, 2003 10:40 AM

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"can anyone tell me why 1.3 and 1.4 will be released so close together?"

1.4 _alpha_ has been open for 5 weeks of development and it's time for a milestone. We've learned over the years that a cycle between 4 and 7 weeks seems to best accomodate a number of factors like talkback data, milestone bug feedback, feature development, etc. As you can see at the roadmap <> we release milestones pretty regularly. This is not 1.4. This is 1.4 alpha. We will have 1.4 beta in about a month and 1.4 final a few weeks after that. The actual relase of 1.4 isn't scheduled until mid-May.

"but what is so important about this release?"

We've been doing milestones every 4-7 weeks for the last 4 years (actually, I believe that M3 came out four years ago this week). We've fixed about 1000 bugs since 1.3 branched and we've added some great new features like smooth scrolling, a transaction manager and more for bookmarks, context menus and other improvements for junk-mail controls, access keys for the xp filepicker, clipboard buttons for composer. We've fixed nearly 50 crash bugs, about 15 memory leaks and we've made serious improvements to Web site compatability.

"Many have speculated that this is an important release for Embeders... is this true?"

We're working hard to make every milestone significantly better than the last. We expect that trend to continue. There are a number of organizations that are interested in using 1.4 branch code in their releases. The more testing and development resources we have focused on any given milestone, the better for the quality of that release. It's rare that we do a final release where some organization isn't interested in using that code but having several (or more) groups delivering products from one branch usually means more resources focused on making that branch as good as it can be. So the more support we can rally for one branch, the better for all those releasing products from that branch. The 1.4 rally is building momentum and I'd enourage anyone planning a Mozilla-based product this summer or fall to contact <> and seriously consider using the 1.4 branch.