Full Article Attached Mozilla Minotaur Project Formally Launched

Monday March 24th, 2003

In a newsgroup posting, Scott MacGregor has formally announced the launch of Minotaur, a project to create a stand-alone mail client based on the Mozilla suite's Mail & Newsgroups component. While Minotaur will have largely the same feature set as Mail & Newsgroups, it will sport a simpler and more customizable user interface, much like the Phoenix redesign of the Mozilla browser. The revitalised Minotaur project combines the work of both the original Minotaur effort — which aimed to build a stand-alone version of Mail & Newsgroups — with that of Thunderbird, an enterprise intended to create a mail client to accompany Phoenix.

#36 Missed features

by CeeJay

Thursday March 27th, 2003 9:47 AM

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I miss being able to set languages for web pages. I'm stuck with English only.

I miss the icon for html documents that only Mozilla set (because Mozilla use an installer .. Phoenix does not) - Once you have installed Mozilla once you get an icon though so it's no longer a problem for me but I'm sure it's wasn't meant to be a requirement for Phoenix that you had to install Mozilla afterwards.

A good installer would be nice too - One that clears your old installation and profile but keeps important data like your bookmarks and your customized toolbar arrangement (it's annoying to rearrange all the toolbars into one like I like it - It's maximises the screen estate)

A working fullscreen navigation toolbar. When you rearrange the toolbars into one like I do, you have to rearrange them into the bar with the menuitems and off the navigation bar. Since fullscreen mode only shows the menubar, it will now show a blank bar .. which isn't useful (you can't navigate without at least being able to type a new URL). I'd like it if you could customize the fullscreenbar seperatly , or if you could duplicate items on the toolbars. It would also be nice to have an option to show the statusbar in fullscreen mode, and it would be perfect if the bars in fullscreen mode would be translucent when there was activity, completely hidden after a seconds of idletime and opaque when you hovered the pointer over them or were typing in them.

Also I agree with grayrest that the DOM inspector needs to be in Phoenix too. I can see the reason for taking it out .. the DOM inspector is a developer tool and the Phoenix browser is a browser aimed at users, but then again it aids developers working on Phoenix and more development on Phoenix helps users , so the DOM Inspector helps users too in a round-about way.

-- CeeJay