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Monday March 24th, 2003

In a newsgroup posting, Scott MacGregor has formally announced the launch of Minotaur, a project to create a stand-alone mail client based on the Mozilla suite's Mail & Newsgroups component. While Minotaur will have largely the same feature set as Mail & Newsgroups, it will sport a simpler and more customizable user interface, much like the Phoenix redesign of the Mozilla browser. The revitalised Minotaur project combines the work of both the original Minotaur effort — which aimed to build a stand-alone version of Mail & Newsgroups — with that of Thunderbird, an enterprise intended to create a mail client to accompany Phoenix.

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Wednesday March 26th, 2003 9:06 AM

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Imagine you compose a mail, while the browser loads a page in the background an crashes. If Mozilla Navigator crashes, Mozilla Mail crashes too. If Phoenix crashes, Minotaur will not crash (and the other way around it's of course the same).