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Saturday January 2nd, 1999

UPDATE BELOW! (1/3/98)

MozillaZine now has a member area, and a number of other new features!

Membership in mozillaZine is free, and confidential. Your information is displayed only if you specifically want it displayed.

To read more about the membership, and what it offers you, click "Full Article" below.

To sign up, just click "members" on the navbar at right. All that we require is a valid email address to confirm the account. Please note that if you enter a bogus email address, or an email address that you don't have access to, you will not be able to validate your account.

If you find any bugs, please submit them here: Don't post them in the forum, please!

UPDATE!If you created a bio page, and were wondering why it didn't show up, it was because a slight change I made to the template was not uploaded properly. To fix the problem, go to the members area, edit your bio page, and just click the "Alter Account" button. Your page should generate properly. Sorry!

Also, we've created a new option in the members area for people who don't believe they've received a validation message. (We've gotten no bug reports about this, but with the flaky weather the past few days, it's better to be safe than sorry.) Just enter your login and password, and a new validation message will be sent to your email address. This feature won't work if you're already validated.

#19 Re:New MozillaZine Member Area

by mozineAdmin

Monday January 4th, 1999 10:37 PM

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I realize that other sites do this same sort of thing, but personally I feel that they're taking a great legal risk. Cookies are good for tracking purposes, but I feel they are not the best means of maintaining sensitive user information. Maybe that's a risk that other sites can take because they have the money to defend against that kind of nonsense.

Say, for example, an identity was taken and the spoofer slanders a person in my forum. The slandered person sues the person who was "spoofed", who then sues me for placing the cookie in the first place (let's say for argument's sake that they knew the risks, because I put up a disclaimer). I don't have the resources to defend against that kind of lawsuit, even if I know that I would probably win it. And I'm going to do my best to avoid placing myself in that kind of situation. When it's your website, you can feel free to do what you desire, but please don't ask me to do something that I don't feel comfortable doing. I've been taken by inscrutable people before, and I'm not going to paint a target on my chest to attract them.

Is it probable that the hypothetical situation above will occur? Probably not. Is it possible? Absolutely.

As for your PPS (Placing the login name and password into the "Name" and "Email" fields respectively), it won't work - for two reasons. First, any non-valid email addresses are voided before display. So, the password would simply be nullified, and not displayed. Secondly, you cannot post via Name/Email using the name of a member (case insensitive - try it). So, those two failsafes kick in to prevent passwords from being revealed.