Full Article Attached Netscape DevEdge Launches Strategy Central

Friday March 21st, 2003

Netscape Evangelism's Doron Rosenberg writes in with news that Netscape DevEdge has just launched Strategy Central, a collection of case studies, articles and presentations on the benefits of using Web standards.

#15 Re: Reporting problem sites

by Ascaris <>

Monday March 24th, 2003 5:34 AM

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> For example I can not get anything meanigful from http:"//". I am running Mozilla 1.3 from a Linux box.

That URL is a broken link to some kind of media file. Both IE6 and Moz 1.3 handle this the same way on my XP laptop.

> Another proble site is "linuxtoday,com", which does display, but takes way too much time to render (it used to be ok) - despite the facy that I have a 2GHz processor and 512Meg RAM and a 5.6K modem.

I cannot imagine that slow rendering would be a function of standards compliance. More than likely, your ISP was, or is, having a problem, or the Linuxtoday server was. I just tried it now and the page fully loaded in about 30 seconds at 28.8.