Full Article Attached Netscape DevEdge Launches Strategy Central

Friday March 21st, 2003

Netscape Evangelism's Doron Rosenberg writes in with news that Netscape DevEdge has just launched Strategy Central, a collection of case studies, articles and presentations on the benefits of using Web standards.

#10 Re: ESPN standards compliant?

by tanjit

Sunday March 23rd, 2003 3:10 AM

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The "only MSN advertisement" argument: If the page doesn't validate, it doesn't really matter why. And it's not true, anyway. There are other validation errors that don't have anything to do with advertising. For example, the BODY element already has validation errors - illegal attributes topmargin, leftmargin, marginheight, marginwidth.

And of course requiring javascript does nothing for accessibility (which is another W3C standard).

Regarding the "only the home page" argument: mozillazine wrote "ESPN recently launched a standards compliant website" - which clearly is not the case. Truth in advertising and all that.

Of course it's nice that espn is going in the right direction. But until they're actually there, we shouldn't get too excited. There's a big difference between good intentions and final results.