eWeek Evaluates Mozilla 1.3

Friday March 21st, 2003

Marc Rust (amr) writes: "There is an article posted on about the Mozilla 1.3 release. Among the features mentioned are increased stability and the new junk mail fitering capabilities."

Other reports about Mozilla 1.3 can be found at Slashdot, OSNews, FootNotes and MacCentral.

#5 Re: Midas--eWeek question

by joe222

Saturday March 22nd, 2003 3:51 PM

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hmm, I also wondered about it. When I first so the Midas example I thought *cooool*. Finally you can have this type of editors in mozilla. Then I tried the same sample under IE and it worked too. That was even better.

But I remember searching for a solution that would also work in mozilla not so long ago without any result. After reading this it seems that was possible. Anyone with pointers? If there is something that works like it but without Midas, it would seem like a better alternative, since it would run all the way from NS6->7 to Moz 1.0 and up.