New My Netscape Channel

Friday January 1st, 1999

A new "My Netscape" channel has arrived, displaying the latest news items from You can check it out by clicking here.

If you want to add the mozillaZine channel to your "My Netscape" page, just click "mz channel" on the navbar at right. The link takes you to the channel preview page, where you can add the channel to your personalized My Netscape page.

Once added, if you go to your My Netscape page and click on the "Customize Channel" button on the titlebar of the MozillaZine channel, you can customize the number of news items displayed and the positioning of the channel on your page.

#1 Re:New My Netscape Channel

by Petrus Lundqvist

Saturday January 2nd, 1999 5:12 PM

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There's something wrong with the way removing the channel works. It calls a JavaScript function which doesn't seem to actually remove the channel. When I looked at how the other channels were removed and then typed a similar URL into the Location:, the channel was removed like it should have been.