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Wednesday March 19th, 2003

Mike Potter, who leads the development of Mozilla Calendar, has posted a newsgroup message about the project's status to netscape.public.mozilla.calendar. Most of the current work on Calendar is funded by OEone, who utilise its code in their HomeBase Desktop application. However, a change of priorities at OEone means that Calendar will not be receiving the same level of development attention as in the past. While work on the project will not stop altogether, the rate of progress is likely to be slower than that seen previously.

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by zookqvalem

Thursday March 20th, 2003 7:15 AM

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Well, the calender is already included in Unix/Linux and all it take is the prefix option '--enable-calender' when configuring it. As for Windows, there is an XPI for calender somewhere at <>, anyone can install it if anyone want it. I don't know about the Mac itself. Those calender feature I'm referring to are limit because of the bugs and slow progress.

Basicially, they are not enabled/install by default which is why we don't see them.

P.S. I'm pretty much disppointed about the slower progress of the calender. I hope things will be for the best....