Browser Performance Comparison

Wednesday March 19th, 2003

Raphael Wegmann writes: "I've found a browser benchmark comparison (IE 5.5, Mozilla 1.3b and Opera 7.01) that might be interesting to the community."

#23 Then go fix it

by Kommet

Thursday March 20th, 2003 1:30 PM

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I don't agree with your logic there. People vote on a bug to say "We would love to see this fixed" not because their votes mean the bug suddenly becomes Priority Numero Uno for ANYONE. Go read the etiquet FAQ and see what I mean.

Voting in Bugzilla is like voting in Iraq or Florida. People might care, but they are under no real obligation to do so.

How open-source works: You (the impersonal, rhetorical "you", not "schapel") want the bug fixed? You can go fix it. You want a tracking bug fixed? Fix one or one hundred of its dependant bugs. Don't bitch to me. Don't bitch to the bug owners. Just don't bitch.

By the way, it is not too smart to hold up a tracking bug as your (this is the personal "your", as in "schapel's") example. Tracking bugs only group families of issues together. It won't be closed until EVERY bug under it is closed. Voting for tracking bugs are almost like voting for Ralph Nader: a point is made, but not a good one.

And for the record, the phrase "... in my experience..." is about as subjective as they come. You then replying with "Are you saying they're all wrong?" is a total non sequitur. You are putting words into the original poster's mouth. How in the hell did "... in my experience..." come to mean "... for everyone who uses Mozilla..." in your head?

That people disagree with the original poster's SUBJECTIVE statement is not interesting or surprising. I want Mozilla to run on UNIVAC, but performance will have to come WAY up before that is feasable.