Browser Performance Comparison

Wednesday March 19th, 2003

Raphael Wegmann writes: "I've found a browser benchmark comparison (IE 5.5, Mozilla 1.3b and Opera 7.01) that might be interesting to the community."

#22 Re: And?

by wo_ow

Thursday March 20th, 2003 12:38 PM

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Actually, I've written a JS/DOM app that is freakin' huge and complex beyond reason <> , and it turns out that Mozilla is much faster than IE, at least in the core part (try the last example on the "examples" page; but be warned that Mozilla will crash after calculationg a couple of hours if you don't stop it, namely at node 179797). Before I tweaked the code to make it faster with IE, Mozilla was more than 10 times faster, now it's only about twice as fast. I don't really know why IE is so slow here. Maybe the benchmark tests just aren't very significant because in reality you never want to sort exactly the same array 100000 times in a row. Or maybe I'm just using untypical operations that aren't tested in common tests.