Browser Performance Comparison

Wednesday March 19th, 2003

Raphael Wegmann writes: "I've found a browser benchmark comparison (IE 5.5, Mozilla 1.3b and Opera 7.01) that might be interesting to the community."

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by user4321

Thursday March 20th, 2003 12:21 AM

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Well, Opera 7's DOM support is nothing to write home about, that's for sure, but the last time I pointed that out I was treated to an extremely long diatribe about CSS' inventor being their CTO and Mozilla and IE sucked eggs and Opera was perfect and I was an idiot... it seemed best not to go down that road again.

As for Mozilla's performance, I don't recall saying it was perfect. However, I implied that it is good enough, and in my experience, it is. I develop apps which are cross platform to the maximum extent possible (a browse through this site should turn up mention of the one which isn't) and I use the W3 DOM whenever possible.

My Moz development machine is an old Celeron 300A overclocked to 450. My IE machine is a 900 MHz Athlon. I see no speed difference between them in actual usage. A benchmark shows IE is faster? What the hell do I care? They're both speedy enough for my clients.

What matters to me is that I spend about 10% of my coding time working in IE, and about half of my debugging time. Mozilla ain't perfect by any means, but IE is a friggin' mess, and all the benchmarks in the world won't change that. I don't give a damn how fast IE does something if it can't do it right.

I'm sure IE fanboys can come up with all kinds of reasons why it ain't IE's fault and Mozilla sucks rocks, but the reality is that what Mozilla does poorly it almost always does well enough to be workable, and what it does well, it does better than any other browser out there. The same can most certainly *not* be said of IE.