Bugzilla Etiquette Guide Now Available

Wednesday March 19th, 2003

Simon Paquet wrote in to tell us about the new Bugzilla etiquette guidelines, written by Gervase Markham. These guidelines explain a number of the most common Bugzilla faux pas and are intended to make Bugzilla a more pleasant environment for all. If you see anyone violating these rules, you should refer them to this document by way of a polite, private email. Persistent offenders should be reported to Gerv, who is well versed in the art of LARTing.

#7 Re: A very nice document

by Gerv

Wednesday March 19th, 2003 1:07 PM

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Exactly who a "respected project contributor" is depends on a whole load of factors, including the bug in question. There is no way we could define that term even if we wanted to; life is imperfect. The point here is that whining about decisions should be the exception to the rule, with a firm basis, rather than the norm.