Bugzilla Etiquette Guide Now Available

Wednesday March 19th, 2003

Simon Paquet wrote in to tell us about the new Bugzilla etiquette guidelines, written by Gervase Markham. These guidelines explain a number of the most common Bugzilla faux pas and are intended to make Bugzilla a more pleasant environment for all. If you see anyone violating these rules, you should refer them to this document by way of a polite, private email. Persistent offenders should be reported to Gerv, who is well versed in the art of LARTing.

#10 Re: Re: Re: A very nice document

by asa <>

Wednesday March 19th, 2003 2:45 PM

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It's not always clear who has the authority on a particular issue, but it's almost always quite clear who doesn't. Developers active in a certain area of code, the module peers, the module owners, the super-reviewers, <> and to some extent <> and QA contributors with particular expertise, all have more authority than people not in one of those groups.

And there are means of enforcing it. If someone makes a change and they clearly don't have the authority to make that change (for example, a random buzilla user reopening a bug that was marked as invalid by the module owner or module peer or an expert QA contact) then they should be told that it's not appropriate. That should be sufficient. If they continue to assert authority that they clearly don't have, that's classified as abuse and Gerv (or me) should be contacted.

It's not that difficult. Those that have been contributing code or QA long enough to establish credentials as valued contributors know who they are and for the most part recongnize others that fall into that catagory. Where it's not obvious we have list like the groups I mentioned above (owner,peers,super-reviewers,QA contacts,staff,drivers,etc.).