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Monday March 17th, 2003

Asa Dotzler has posted a message about the forthcoming 1.4 Alpha release to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey. A number of Mozilla vendors have plans for 1.4 so it is important that both quality and scheduling targets are met in the development cycle. This means that the period between the freeze for 1.4 Alpha and its subsequent release will be days rather than weeks. Right now the freeze is scheduled for midnight on Wednesday 26th March with the release targetted for Friday 28th March.

Thanks to John for the link to Asa's newsgroup posting.

#46 Re: Windows memory leaks

by johnnie

Wednesday March 31st, 2004 11:43 AM

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>Openly speaking, I don't know if it is that important to be able to run an application for several days without leaking memory.

Ahh... I feel it's very important. Unless you like rebooting. Quite apart from which we aren't even talking about days here. I could and can run firefox for days without memory leaks _if_ i don't actually use it. Use it to browse the web and all hope is gone. Almost every page visited causes a small memory leak. After not long(minutes to hours) these add up. Since my system has only 128 MB physical ram and the OS takes up 80MB even with paired down processes it isn't long before a reboot is needed. And btw it don't matter if you run it for days or just minutes. A memory leak is just that. It doesn't get recovered when the app closes. Its gone forever until reboot. Sigh. Sadly its worse than M$ office. I can run 20 windows of IE w/o memory leaks. Firefox should be better than IE and in most respects it is, just not for memory leaks. Respectfully.