FreeDOS Project Using Bugzilla

Sunday March 16th, 2003

willll writes: "Looks like the people at FreeDOS are using Bugzilla for their bug tracking system."

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by Gerv

Monday March 17th, 2003 12:24 AM

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> This can be solved by throwing a couple of indexes on the tables.

Why, goodness me. We didn't think of that. I'll go and add some immediately.

Seriously, do you not think that the Bugzilla schema has been carefully analysed? The real problem with is underpowered hardware for the massive amounts of use it gets. Still, we are working on performance improvements, like mod_perl support.

> Secondly, it is really over-complicated. I've heard it several times where people didn't submit a bug because they couldn't figure out how.

Bugzilla's UI is fully templatised, so you can produce easier bug entry forms if you'd like to do so. The KDE project has a bug reporting wizard, and Mozilla has the guided bug entry form: <http://bugzilla.mozilla.o…ter_bug.cgi?format=guided>

Anyway, the default bug entry form, <> isn't all that complicated.