SiteMason Announces Support for Midas

Friday March 14th, 2003

Ryan Smith writes: "SiteMason has announced full support for Midas editing in their CMS system. There's a press release about it on their press page." SiteMason is a Web design and content management solution. Midas is Mozilla's new API for rich text editing in webpages. A demo of Midas is available.

#15 What it means

by bzbarsky

Sunday March 16th, 2003 7:01 PM

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> contentEditable can't be done with the composer backend?

Not easily. The composer backend operates on the assumption that it has the document all to itself, which is simply not true with contentEditable.

If IE's designMode is a special case of contentEditable (rather than the other way around), then doing them with the same backend is easy. Mozilla already has designMode (in the form of Composer), so doing that is easy; but Composer was not really designed to operate on parts of a document.

It may well be true that IE's stuff is easier to use; I really don't care for either set of functionality, I'm just describing the Mozilla implementation, with no comments as to quality (again, because I do not care, hence have not used it). ;)