SiteMason Announces Support for Midas

Friday March 14th, 2003

Ryan Smith writes: "SiteMason has announced full support for Midas editing in their CMS system. There's a press release about it on their press page." SiteMason is a Web design and content management solution. Midas is Mozilla's new API for rich text editing in webpages. A demo of Midas is available.

#12 Re: Re: contentEditable?

by user4321

Saturday March 15th, 2003 4:32 PM

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Okay, but what does that mean? contentEditable can't be done with the composer backend? AFAIK, IE's implementation uses the same MSHTML component as their designMode does, so that wouldn't seem to make sense...

I've been following this for a while now (a couple of years, actually) and there has always appeared to be some real resistance (from Mozilla folks) to doing cE, but never any really good explanation as to why. If you look at bug #97284 you'll see that the majority of people don't just want general WYSIWYG capability, they specifically want contentEditable functionality. There's a reason for that.

I've been told a dozen times that anything I can do with contentEditable I can do with an editor in an iframe, but it just ain't true. I've got a cE based editor which is very nice, and which my clients find to be a joy to use. I'm trying to duplicate its operation with Midas, but the kludges I'm having to employ to get anywhere close are really ugly, and its operation is not nearly as smooth. An iframe based editor just can't compete with the kind of seamless integration cE makes possible.

Most people want cE for the purposes of doing content management through the browser. Right now, IE owns that space. If all Mozilla ever does is allow for what amounts to a stripped down version of Composer in an iframe, that won't be changing any time soon.