SiteMason Announces Support for Midas

Friday March 14th, 2003

Ryan Smith writes: "SiteMason has announced full support for Midas editing in their CMS system. There's a press release about it on their press page." SiteMason is a Web design and content management solution. Midas is Mozilla's new API for rich text editing in webpages. A demo of Midas is available.

#11 What the heck is Midas?

by PPedriana

Saturday March 15th, 2003 1:48 PM

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I must admit to being rather ignorant about all this. Can somebody explain to me what this Midas thing actually means? What is its purpose? What is it useful for? What is the practical point of it? What's the difference between Midas and the email editor I get with Mozilla? The Midas web page doesn't say much; it seems to assume that people understand it. Thanks.