Full Article Attached Another Round of 1.3 Candidate Builds

Tuesday March 11th, 2003

Several fixes have been applied to the 1.3 branch in the last few days and a new set of release candidates is now available. Get the complete details from Asa Dotzler and then grab a build to help with the testing effort.

#76 finally!!

by durbacher

Thursday March 13th, 2003 5:10 AM

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I still cannot understand how somebody can expect that such an obvious problem in the UI does not get much attention. Attention and bad publicity would've been even worse after 1.3 *final*. There aren't only testers who download Mozilla final releases, no matter if this is welcome or not... Even my girlfriend said: "that's only a scrollbar, it can't be too complicated to fix it!" This may not be right, but this is what most users would've thought. And they would've concluded that the quality of Mozilla in general must be bad if even such obvious errors are in a stable release.

But it's over and fixed. Thank you! Thank you all who have made this happen: Josť Jeria and Rick DeBay who did not stop bugging the owners of the bug, Boris Zbarsky, who did not stay as decided against fixing it on the 1.3 branch as he was, Robert O'Callahan, who finally decided to ask drivers about it and - last but not least - drivers, who let this in very late in the game as probably the second to last fix. Thanks. ;-)

P.S.: the patch does not have approval1.3+. Who do you think you are to check this in?!? ;-) Just kiddin, but since drivers agreed, approval 1.3+ can be set, I guess.