Full Article Attached Another Round of 1.3 Candidate Builds

Tuesday March 11th, 2003

Several fixes have been applied to the 1.3 branch in the last few days and a new set of release candidates is now available. Get the complete details from Asa Dotzler and then grab a build to help with the testing effort.

#34 Re: are you telling me ...

by egoine

Tuesday March 11th, 2003 7:31 PM

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Thanks asa for the good answer.

I can understand why people would like to give the typical "it is open source, if you don't like it submit a patch" answer. I can also understand why simpler users/testers would get frustrated with getting that answer. Why? What makes them think they can complain at all when they get something (good) for free? Who gives them even the right to think they can complain??

Well, I think it is easily explainable. They think (as I do) that they are part of the team. They think they are part of it, part of a group that is trying to build a browser that doesn't suck. They are told : "Testing is important. Testers are needed. Be part of the team, even if you can't program, submit patches, etc. Be part of the team, do you part, is it needed, good enough and appreciated." Then when they complain they can't do their part well because of this or that, they get an answer which basically says (to them anyway) "you're not doing a part that is big enough. Do more. What you do now is useless. We don't need you unless you do a bigger part.". Now suddenly they aren't part of the team anymore. They are just low testers that are bugging important people with their small issues. If someone feels strong enough about a effort like mozilla to try to be part of it, test it, send bug reports, read mozillazine, etc. like this reader seems to do (he even said he submitted patches), I think he should be treated as part of the team. I really like your last answer because even if you didn't address the core issue (what is blocking like gz build to have talkback, how can this be solved?) you took time to reply something useful leaving the impression that the tester is welcome, and part of an effort, part of the team.

Hope this make sense. I hate it when I see people trying to build something together screaming at each other. I sure hope this little explanation helps in understanding how someone can feel on the other side of the fence.

Long time lurker,