Full Article Attached Another Round of 1.3 Candidate Builds

Tuesday March 11th, 2003

Several fixes have been applied to the 1.3 branch in the last few days and a new set of release candidates is now available. Get the complete details from Asa Dotzler and then grab a build to help with the testing effort.

#33 RC builds and Talkback

by jensend <>

Tuesday March 11th, 2003 7:29 PM

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While this may be somewhat of a legit concern for Moz developers on release builds and perhaps on alphas and betas, this is not a concern non-devel people should have with RC builds. The talkback data from the RC build certainly won't get analyzed before 1.3 is released, and when it is, Moz developers may worry about whether or not they're getting enough talkback data and react accordingly. In short, don't blow a blood vessel because talkback isn't enabled.