Honesty Issues Dog Anonymous Donations Poll

Sunday March 9th, 2003

As part of our ongoing campaign to part our readers from their money, our last poll tackled the subject of donations to MozillaZine. 1,538 people responded with 87% admitting that they donated nothing. Zip. Nada. Squat. Not that we're bitter. A small number of you claimed to have donated less than $5 (0%), with slightly more owning up to between $5 and $9.99 (1%). 2% of respondents claimed to have donated between $10 and $19.99, with about half that number answering $20 to $49.99 (1%). A couple of people claim to have pledged $50 to $99.99 (0%) with a surprisingly high 1% insisting they gave $100 or more. 5% of you preferred not to say.

Of course, the burning question is how do these numbers match up to reality? The answer is... not very well. You don't have to be a genius to work out that most of the 26 people who claim to have donated $100 or more are exaggerating (in reality it was a handful). We would be extremely interested to know what the motivation is for lying on an anonymous poll. Anyway, once again we'd like to thank everyone who donated to MozillaZine. We really can't stress how much we appreciate it.

As most of you are aware,'s Phoenix project has to change its name for legal reasons. A new name has now been selected and will be publicly announced soon. In the intervening months, many people have suggested possible replacement names, some of them really bad. So for our next poll, we'd like you to tell us which suggestion you think is the absolute worst. Choose wisely and watch the latest results to see what others think.

#26 Re: Re: Unscientific poll

by vocaro <>

Monday March 10th, 2003 3:33 PM

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"Polls are fun!"

I dunno; it sounds like you didn't have much fun with this last poll.

"MozillaZine isn't run to make a profit."

I know; when I said "making ends meet", I meant being able to pay for the costs of Mozillazine.

"It's like they think there's something wrong with donations and that ads are in some way better."

Ads don't change the balance of my bank account. They seem to work well for other sites, like Slashdot, for instance.

"I promise that donations will not be mentioned until we next need money (probably at least a year away)."

I don't have a problem with appeals for donations, and I understand that web hosting costs money. I just think that the donation issue is off-topic for news stories on Mozillazine. A story about honesty in a poll about donations is even more off-topic.