Honesty Issues Dog Anonymous Donations Poll

Sunday March 9th, 2003

As part of our ongoing campaign to part our readers from their money, our last poll tackled the subject of donations to MozillaZine. 1,538 people responded with 87% admitting that they donated nothing. Zip. Nada. Squat. Not that we're bitter. A small number of you claimed to have donated less than $5 (0%), with slightly more owning up to between $5 and $9.99 (1%). 2% of respondents claimed to have donated between $10 and $19.99, with about half that number answering $20 to $49.99 (1%). A couple of people claim to have pledged $50 to $99.99 (0%) with a surprisingly high 1% insisting they gave $100 or more. 5% of you preferred not to say.

Of course, the burning question is how do these numbers match up to reality? The answer is... not very well. You don't have to be a genius to work out that most of the 26 people who claim to have donated $100 or more are exaggerating (in reality it was a handful). We would be extremely interested to know what the motivation is for lying on an anonymous poll. Anyway, once again we'd like to thank everyone who donated to MozillaZine. We really can't stress how much we appreciate it.

As most of you are aware,'s Phoenix project has to change its name for legal reasons. A new name has now been selected and will be publicly announced soon. In the intervening months, many people have suggested possible replacement names, some of them really bad. So for our next poll, we'd like you to tell us which suggestion you think is the absolute worst. Choose wisely and watch the latest results to see what others think.

#23 ??? Not quite informed...

by durbacher

Monday March 10th, 2003 11:46 AM

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1.) The name Mozilla did never change and isn't about to since there is an arrangement with godzilla copyright owners.

2.) The only ones who spent energy creating splash screens are the ones who do not know enough about programming but more or less about artwork and so they did offer their knowledge - and no programming power was lost. There are others who spent much energy whining in the corresponding bug just because, but I don't think there was much precious working power lost either.

3.) What is "the product" of if not Mozilla?? What do you mean with "we have no name for the product"??

4.) Each (supported) platform has "Mozilla". What do you mean by "each gets his own name"?? There are platform specific browsers like Chimera/Camino that uses the Gecko engine, but *not* XUL UI (used by Mozilla) because it can be faster by using platform specifig UI widgets. There are others like Phoenix that use Gecko *and* XUL to be more or less cross platform - but they try to be slim and e.g. do not include a mail client. So they are clearly different. Now you want to tell us they should all be named "Mozilla" or what?? Why not call MS "Word" "Notepad" (or vice versa)? After all it also is used to type text...

5.) AFAIK Opera has a splash screen although it is supposed to start faster than Mozilla. Older Netscape versions since 3.0 also had splash screens. Excel, StarOffice, Visual Studio,... all major software packages have splash screens. Maybe with the exception of current IE versions and lynx. So why do you tell us that Mozilla is the only browser? I'm not opposed to removing the splash screen, but I don't see the problem you see.

Actually, the biggest problem some people had in the splash screen debate was that they felt did *not* care enough about how the splash screen looked like. didn't care about the look and you now say they spent too much energy on it...

Sorry, but it's been a long time since I read a post with similarly useless content.