Mozilla On Older Systems?

Tuesday December 29th, 1998

From Eric Murphy comes a question regarding Mozilla and older systems.

"After some research and e-mailing, I have come to the conclusion that Mozilla is not going to run on either Windows 3.1x or Mac OS on the 040. In my opinion, it would be a big loss to not support these systems, as there are still a lot of user out there who have these systems, and Mozilla might actually run well on them.

As a webmaster, I am dying for a great new browser that will run on even the older machines. As part of a Non-Profit ISP, we would be very excited if we could distribute a brand new browser that would run well on our users' usually antiquated machines.

I hope I am dead wrong, and that there are groups working to support these machines. If I am right, I hope this note will help spur support for these machines."

It would be nice if one of the developers could take a minute to detail what technologies Mozilla is using that preclude porting to these platforms (if that is actually the case).

#20 Re:Mozilla On Older Systems?

by pdc

Monday January 4th, 1999 8:51 AM

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I think that a Win16 port will by much harder than to 32-bit operating systems, because of horrors like differently sized ("near" and "far") pointers, weird function-calling conventions, and the lack of direct support for data structures or arrays over 64K bytes in size. This requires rewrites and twisted code in all the cross-platform modules, as well as in Win16-specific sections.