BBC News Examines Alternative Browsers

Friday March 7th, 2003

A prolific writer writes: "I saw this article on the BBC News front page about alternatives to MSIE." As well as Mozilla, the report also looks briefly at Safari, Netscape, Opera and the secretive new Xwebs browser.

#25 Re: xwebs ?

by MozSaidAloha

Monday March 10th, 2003 4:55 AM

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I am not convinced on XWebs. To me it seems a bit fishy to create this gee-wiz product and then not show it to anyone. About the kids claim of increasing browsing speed, I am also not convinced. I 've always believed browser speeds depend on the speed of your connection to the net. To me, XWebs is nothing more smoke with no fire. Is it just me or does it seem all of these browsers coming out of the woodwork remind a person of all the people who have claimed to have been the second Grassy Knoll gunman of the last half-century? It's the same smoke with no fire effect.