BBC News Examines Alternative Browsers

Friday March 7th, 2003

A prolific writer writes: "I saw this article on the BBC News front page about alternatives to MSIE." As well as Mozilla, the report also looks briefly at Safari, Netscape, Opera and the secretive new Xwebs browser.

#23 Computing heroes

by the_Rebel

Sunday March 9th, 2003 3:00 PM

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"Osmani, an entirely self-taught programmer who got his first PC at 10, said his computing heroes are Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak ("because they were hackers and hands-on"), as well as hacker Kevin Mitnick."

Steve Jobs can be very "hands-on" but I would not call him a hacker.

Anyway, considering his heroes, it seems rather odd that he chose to build off of IE.