BBC News Examines Alternative Browsers

Friday March 7th, 2003

A prolific writer writes: "I saw this article on the BBC News front page about alternatives to MSIE." As well as Mozilla, the report also looks briefly at Safari, Netscape, Opera and the secretive new Xwebs browser.

#15 Re: Windows and Mozilla profiles.

by GAThrawn

Saturday March 8th, 2003 2:45 PM

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It is certainly possible to store your Moz profile in your windows profile directory, even when it stored on a network server as its exactly what I do at work. The problem that Mozilla has is with UNC paths in the profile path, so if your roaming profile is stored on a network server you've got problems.


All you've got to do is map a network drive to your Windows profile directory (eg map drive Z: to \\server\profiles\yourname) and save your profile there.

To tell Moz to save your profile here start it up with a command line like this: mozilla.exe -CreateProfile "default z:\applic~1\mozilla" From then on your Mozilla profile will follow you to every PC you log into.