Mozilla Amiga Port To Begin

Tuesday December 29th, 1998

Dale McCrory has for us a link to the new Mozilla Amiga port due to begin coding January first. Dale writes, "This link is for an Amiga port of Mozilla. Yet another platform which Microsoft won't evade. Have a good day."

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by ryan <>

Wednesday December 30th, 1998 10:28 PM

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Amiga... what is an amiga? is it a machine, an operating system, or as i will prove a CULT. Why would so many people stand behind the best computer of the 80s. Now Gateway is making a NEW Amiga. It wont run on Amigas so the Amiga must be an operating system. But AmigaOS 4.0 (they skiped some i think) is not compatable with clasic Amiga programs. So Amiga is just a brand name this new OS will be launched first onto the diehards who refuse to use any new operating systems, then like Be, they will move on to the rest of us. What does this have to do with Mozilla, what the hell am i talking about? i have no idea i realy think i'm as crazy a someone using Amigas because they think they are in some way superior. Besides Linux runs on Amiga and so should mozilla. i need a drink, wake me in a hour.