Camino 0.7 Released!

Thursday March 6th, 2003

Brian Ryner writes: "We've just released version 0.7 of Camino™, formerly known as Chimera. This release includes a new download manager, new history sidebar panel, and a text encoding menu, along with the usual assortment of bug fixes. To find out more, check out the new project page, or read the release notes."

We've updated the Build Bar for both new nightlies and 0.7, and we always have the Camino™ forum for you to chat in. As far as the future for Camino™, the development team plans to move to the Mozilla trunk for the next release, with preliminary builds showing up to a 15% speed improvement on page loading times. We'll keep you posted as to how the move goes.

#4 Wussification

by DeepFreeze3

Saturday March 8th, 2003 2:37 AM

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Some old browser for UNIX that nobody uses, or cares about anymore, just happens to have the same name as Chimera, and then the name is dumped for Camino? I don't get it. I guess somebody freaked out, and decided to placate any potential liabilities. Seems wussy to me.