Camino 0.7 Released!

Thursday March 6th, 2003

Brian Ryner writes: "We've just released version 0.7 of Camino™, formerly known as Chimera. This release includes a new download manager, new history sidebar panel, and a text encoding menu, along with the usual assortment of bug fixes. To find out more, check out the new project page, or read the release notes."

We've updated the Build Bar for both new nightlies and 0.7, and we always have the Camino™ forum for you to chat in. As far as the future for Camino™, the development team plans to move to the Mozilla trunk for the next release, with preliminary builds showing up to a 15% speed improvement on page loading times. We'll keep you posted as to how the move goes.

#1 Yay for the trunk

by goldid

Friday March 7th, 2003 12:20 AM

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I am very excited to hear that the future Camino builds will finally more to the Mozilla trunk. I've been getting quick sick of problems in Gecko 1.0 that have been fixed in 1.3+ That said, I still use Camino because it's so much nicer. Thanks.