A Blogger's Guide to Mozilla

Tuesday March 4th, 2003

Matthew Haughey, creator of Metafilter, has written a step-by-step guide to using Mozilla. While the article is mainly aimed at people who read and write weblogs, most of its tips are applicable to all users. Speaking of weblogs, we stole this piece of news from Blogzilla, a weblog that's all about Mozilla.

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by choess <>

Thursday March 6th, 2003 2:15 PM

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This information should be in whichever Bugzilla bug is filed on it, but what they need to do to fix it on their side is to escape the source in the templates.

i.e., now they presumably have (in source):

<textarea> <a name="something">part of a Blogger template</a> </textarea>

This should be <textarea> &lt;a name="something">part of a Blogger template&lt;/a> </textarea>

just as if the code inside the <textarea> were appearing in, for instance, a <p>. If they can fix that, that should solve all the problems. (And, yes, this way is correct per the specs and the way they're doing it now isn't; <textarea> doesn't have any special properties with regard to markup recognition, unlike <script> and <style>.)