A Blogger's Guide to Mozilla

Tuesday March 4th, 2003

Matthew Haughey, creator of Metafilter, has written a step-by-step guide to using Mozilla. While the article is mainly aimed at people who read and write weblogs, most of its tips are applicable to all users. Speaking of weblogs, we stole this piece of news from Blogzilla, a weblog that's all about Mozilla.

#5 from blogger

by quarsan

Wednesday March 5th, 2003 9:00 AM

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in their knowledge base section i did a search for mozilla and found this: Question When I attempt to edit my template in Netscape 6.2 or Mozilla 1.0, some tags come up stripped of attributes entirely (for example, "<a>Contact</a>")


This is due to a known bug in Mozilla/Netscape regarding editing HTML in a textarea. Try the latest version of Mozilla (which may or may not fix it).

Meanwhile, we'll see if there's a work around.