Chimera Renamed to Camino

Monday March 3rd, 2003

The Mozilla-based Chimera browser for Mac OS X has been renamed to Camino™. This change was made for legal reasons involving the existence of an older, unrelated browser for UNIX-based systems called Chimera. Camino 0.7 will be released shortly.

#36 It just happened later in Mozillazine...

by martrootamm

Saturday March 8th, 2003 9:26 AM

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As I am just following Mozillazine and not any other message board / news source, then the news did come a bit later to me. I don't remember or know if Mozillazine was explicitly soliciting for any Chimera-new-name submissions here, as it was for donations, which it needs more. But I do remember a fairly lively discussion about name changes and possible candidates just in that same discussion environment here.