Chimera Renamed to Camino

Monday March 3rd, 2003

The Mozilla-based Chimera browser for Mac OS X has been renamed to Camino™. This change was made for legal reasons involving the existence of an older, unrelated browser for UNIX-based systems called Chimera. Camino 0.7 will be released shortly.

#19 Couldn't a better name have been selected????

by PaulB <>

Tuesday March 4th, 2003 10:52 AM

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What does the name Camino say about the quality of the browser? When I first heard the name I first thought of a schizophrenic horrible vehicle nobody wanted from the 70s which didn't know if it was a passenger vehicle or a pickup truck---ugggh. I would have hoped something better such as Mercury, messenger of the Gods. A name such as Mercury would convey speed and other "god-like" qualities for the browser. Instead with the name Camino we are reminded of an ugly car few wanted when they were new and the image it invokes only brings down the browser.

Come on. Don't you think you could have done better naming the browser????????? You want the name for the browser to convey quality, not a discarded ugly car may have simply named it Edsil (sp).

Copyright issues or no copyright issues Chimera still needs a new name. :) Paul.