Chimera Renamed to Camino

Monday March 3rd, 2003

The Mozilla-based Chimera browser for Mac OS X has been renamed to Camino™. This change was made for legal reasons involving the existence of an older, unrelated browser for UNIX-based systems called Chimera. Camino 0.7 will be released shortly.

#10 Re: Hasn't Camino been used before?

by mlefevre

Tuesday March 4th, 2003 5:19 AM

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yes it was. shouldn't be a problem because a) it's a chipset not a browser and b) it's not a trademark and c) Intel stopped calling it "Camino" - they only refer to it by the real name on their site. it's also an obsolete product now - they don't make it any more - so very unlikely they'd care that someone else used the name. there's just no potential for confusion. and AOLTW's lawyers apparently agree, because one of the biggest hurdles with choosing a new name was getting it through the legal people, and this name made it through. after running into problems with Mozilla, Chimera and Phoenix, I think they're going to be pretty cautious by now...