AppMac Announces Three New Gecko-Based Browsers for OS X

Thursday February 27th, 2003

Tristan Nitot writes: "Three (yes, 3!) new Gecko-based browsers for Mac OS X were announced today by AppMac.

"wKiosk 2.0 is for public internet terminals. wKids 1.0 is for kids and includes a simplified UI, a white/black list system for URLs and runs in full screen mode. wDesk 1.0 is for professional use and includes filters and admin tools to limit non-professional usage.

"Evaluation versions are available on their web site, along with screen shots. By using OS X's Unix foundations and Gecko stability, AppMac expects excellent MTBF (e.g. at least a full week), which is a must for a system to provide public access to the Internet."

#3 Re: So far not so good.

by ndeakin

Thursday February 27th, 2003 7:41 PM

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"Why would anyone pay for a browser, especially when Chimera and Mozilla are both free and use the same engine? "

Companies will generally pay for products that meet their needs rather than use a free product that doesn't. These browsers are targeted at specific kinds of people, using features that mozilla doesn't have, so they are more likely to succeed.

You might note the page on their site which lists the 20 or so companies/organizations that use mKiosk.