AppMac Announces Three New Gecko-Based Browsers for OS X

Thursday February 27th, 2003

Tristan Nitot writes: "Three (yes, 3!) new Gecko-based browsers for Mac OS X were announced today by AppMac.

"wKiosk 2.0 is for public internet terminals. wKids 1.0 is for kids and includes a simplified UI, a white/black list system for URLs and runs in full screen mode. wDesk 1.0 is for professional use and includes filters and admin tools to limit non-professional usage.

"Evaluation versions are available on their web site, along with screen shots. By using OS X's Unix foundations and Gecko stability, AppMac expects excellent MTBF (e.g. at least a full week), which is a must for a system to provide public access to the Internet."

#2 Hmmmm Sad to hear!

by jedbro

Thursday February 27th, 2003 7:32 PM

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Sad to hear about that.

Although I hope they can smoothen out the quirks, as hell, more gecko browsers out there/ more exposure.

Power to them.

But true, who knows if there is a market for this type of thing!